Using data analytics to identify a new regional structure

Using data analytics to identify a new regional structure

What worked well?

  1. Clear company goal: Country Choice had a clear goal in mind: To create 32 regions with a balanced call frequency across all regions.
  2. Quick decision making: Deadlines met throughout and due to close liaison and with the confidence of the client, decisions were made and approved in a timely manner.
  3. Trust and Sharing of Resources: Once our approach was approved, Country Choice provided us with all the required confidential data and resources. This allowed us to better understand Country Choice’s challenges and needs which was essential to providing a fitting solution.
  4. Focus on a long-term relationship: From early on in this project, we have established a good working relationship with Country Choice for a solid long term collaboration between two companies and we offer ongoing support on this model.
Head of eXPD8 Analytics, Nelson Richichi said: “One of the keys to good service and customer satisfaction is a deep understanding of the client; its goals, aspirations and ultimately its vision for the future. This understanding and the development of a strong collaborative working relationship with Country Choice enabled eXPD8 Analytics to deliver a service beyond what was required.”

Our response

Following our proposed solution, Country Choice awarded the project to eXPD8 Analytics and in collaboration we began to develop and implement the new regional structure.

Our relationship with Country Choice flourished: The new regional structures created by eXPD8 Analytics were integrated into Country Choices operational structure and it has allowed its representatives from all over the country to have a balanced client number and equal workload.

This newly created structure has provided Country Choice with more control over its regions and opens the door for them to continue to expand its client base.